Other Activities, Outings & Camps

Every second Friday, our young entrepreneurs put their business skills to the test with sales that will take place during first break.
Our Grade 5 to 7 learners who are interested in photography, have the opportunity to join our very popular photography club. Different themes are introduced throughout the year and our aspiring photographers can learn the ropes from experienced people in the field. Lessons are presented twice or three times a term, usually on a Friday afternoon directly after school. Once a term we also have a longer hands-on workshop for the learners where they can bring their own equipment to practice the day’s theme.

The two highlights of the year are the Grade 7 photography camp and the club’s annual photography exhibition. At the exhibition, learners have the opportunity to show off their year’s work, which is indeed a proud moment in our photographers’ progress.
Some of the happiest times of our primary school years are the outings and school camps. These activities aim to integrate the classroom with nature, to learn to function as part of a group and to develop our leadership qualities. The Environmental Club is a also a popular activity at De Hoop and this club is the ideal place for adventurous boys and girls to enjoy and get to know the outdoors under the supervision of our educators.
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