Arts & Culture

Our cultural department is equally important to us. As in our sports policy, vast numbers of learners make use of the opportunity to partake in the broad array of activities that De Hoop offers.

The outstanding achievements of our learners during external music exams are proof of the very high standard in our music department and throughout the years, De Hoop has established a reputation of excellence at regional competitions and eisteddfods. Music evenings in the school hall encourage even our youngest and most inexperienced musicians to perform in public.

We offer individual tuition in:
  • Piano
  • Electronic keyboard
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Saxophone
  • Classical guitar
The following instruments are taught to groups of 2 – 5 learners:
  • Recorder
  • Folk guitar
  • Singing
  • Marimba
All lessons take place at the school in our brand new music rooms. Times are arranged in liaison with parents and class teachers. Fees are determined annually by the governing body and can be viewed on the D6 communicator.
Besides the art offered in the academic curriculum, art clubs provide an additional opportunity for budding artists to expand their creative horizons. All art club activities take place in our fully equipped art room and are managed by six skilled, experienced and passionate art teachers.

Trials are held at the beginning of the year and successful learners are then grouped into thirteen classes. Throughout the year, we explore different mediums and young artists are encouraged to express themselves by using various themes as guidelines and inspiration.

The highlights of the year include the annual learners’ art exhibition and a range of eisteddfods and competitions.
Making music together enjoys high priority at De Hoop and our instrumental and vocal ensembles perform regularly at eisteddfods, music evenings, merit evenings and other occasions.
Our rock bands have become very popular at De Hoop and our cool young musicians bring a whole new dimension to the music department. The school has a dedicated band room with electric guitars, keyboards, sound equipment and a drum kit.
De Hoop has a proud choral tradition. Our choirs perform regularly and never fail to impress audiences and adjudicators.

We have a junior choir (Grade 1 – 3) as well as senior choir (Grade 4 – 7), comprising 130 and 150 choristers respectively. Auditions take place at the beginning of the school year. KU. Both choirs practise during school hours and the senior choir has an annual rehearsal day which takes place on a Saturday in the first term and is compulsory for all senior choir members.

Towards the end of the year, a boys’ choir is mobilised to take part at our annual bands’ evening.
Learners who sing in the choir and would like to take part in the solo singing category at the local eisteddfods are offered the opportunity to be coached by members of the music department.
Quality drama is offered to our learners which guarantee great fun for actors and audiences alike. De Hoop's plays always provide excellent entertainment and are highly spoken of in drama circles. Our actors regularly walk off with the top prizes and trophies at eisteddfods and drama festivals like the Akkedissiefees, Silwervaring festival, Klein Libertas, as well as De Hoop's own drama evening.

We have three drama groups. Auditions are open to all our Grade 4 – 7 learners and rehearsals take place after school. Learners are exposed to character analysis, effective communication, speech and articulation, development of emotional intelligence, life lessons and self-confidence that have a long lasting effect.
Besides the drama groups, learners in all grades may audition to take part at the local eisteddfods in the Speech and Drama categories. Coaching takes place outside school hours in liaison with parents.
For all the learners who wish to hone their speaking skills or just to learn how to handle those jitters when you have to do something in front of an audience, public speaking is the activity to do!

De Hoop enters learners in various competitions and there are opportunities for seasoned speakers as well as novice speakers. We have been fortunate enough to have had learners progress up to national level in three different competitions over the past few years.

Whether you have the gift of the gab, or you just want to know how to convince your parents to buy you that new Play Station, public speaking is the activity for you!
Every three years an exciting and breath-taking production, which involves every learner and teacher in the school, takes place in the school hall. These shows improve self-confidence and promote the excellent spirit at our school. A new script is sourced, choreographers are hired in, parents are called to task to create amazing costumes and the entire school becomes transformed into a hive of creative energy as yet another show leaves the De Hoop community in awe of our young talent.
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