About Us

Our school has the best view in the country: the magnificent Hottentots Holland Mountains on the one side, and the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and False Bay on the other. It is the vision of De Hoop Primary School to create an institution of high academic, sport and cultural standards in which all its learners can develop their full potential in an environment based on and driven by morals and values.

Our School Crest and Motto

The ship on our badge is a symbol of the discovery of new horizons, while the stars point to ideals that can be reached through faith.

The motto, Constantia et Perseverantia, means to keep on trying until you succeed. This reminds us of the hard work and perseverance which enabled pioneers in the past and will inspire our learners in the future to reach their goals.

School Song

We have a view of False Bay
From where the waves resound
And the past reveals its glory
Of old sail ships duty bound.

Determined as those seamen
We will build our future, too,
Loyal to our God and country
And to all our people true.

Want “Volharding” is die leuse
Wat ons op ons vaandel lees;
Dis die kenmerk van ons strewe
Van ons skool, De Hoop, se gees!

Hoor die boodskap van die golwe:
Werk met hart en hand, De Hoop!
Hoor die wekroep van die kruine:
Kom volhard, De Hoop, De Hoop!

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