Our learner council and monitor systems are unique. The whole Grade 7 group is involved in leadership on different territories. We differentiate between:

  • The Learner Council – 24 learners consisting of 12 boys and 12 girls chosen from both the Afrikaans and English classes; therefore representing both home languages.
  • Class Representatives – six learners per term: one from each class. Class representatives are chosen by the learners and may not already be members of the learner council.
  • Monitors – various tasks and sections: the rest of the Grade 7 group.
    • Monitors are chosen from the rest of the Grade 7 group and each one gets an opportunity to show his or her leadership and other skills in the specific monitor group. These groups include:
      • Admin
      • Library
      • Photography
      • Foundation Phase
      • Journalists
      • First Aid
      • Sport
      • Aftercare
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