At De Hoop our motto is mass participation, for we believe that each learner should lead a balanced life.


Summer sport at De Hoop includes:

   Chess, Athletics, Tennis, Cricket and Swimming.                                 

The following sports take place in winter:

   Chess, Rugby, Netball, Hockey and Cross Country.

We are proud of the provincial and national champions that are produced regularly by our school.

De Hoop also acknowledges achievements outside the school curriculum.


Our cultural department is very important to us and we are proud of the many learners who partake in these activities.

Our junior and senior choirs perform regularly and never fail to impress audiences and adjudicators. Exciting revues and breathtaking productions improve self-confidence and promote the excellent spirit at our school. 

The outstanding achievements of our learners during eisteddfods and external music exams are proof of the very high standard in our music department.

Music evenings in the school hall encourage even our youngest and most inexperienced musicians to perform in public.

Our drama club is great fun for actors and audiences alike. De Hoop's plays always provide excellent entertainment, are highly spoken of in drama circles and they regularly walk off with the top prizes and trophies at eisteddfods and drama festivals. 

We also have an art club, a photography club and a chess club where learners are able to develop their creativity and problem solving skills.

Every second Friday, our young entrepreneurs can test their business skills at the market which takes place during first break.

Some of our best memories are made during school outings and camps, which we attend regularly. The purpose of these camps is to integrate the classroom with nature, to function in a group and to develop leadership. Another favourite on our school's list of challenging activities is the Environmental Club. This club is just the right place for adventurous boys and girls to enjoy nature and outdoor life under supervision of our teachers.

At De Hoop we are made aware of the needs of others from a young age. We usually have a "De Hoop Cares" week, during which we reach out to handicapped, aged and less privileged people in our community. We are also constantly involved in other community projects and outreaches. Besides caring, we are taught other important values, such as responsibility, trustworthiness, respect, good citizenship and fairness. 

Our parents are invaluable partners in our school education. They are the force behind fundraising projects and always go out of their way to arrange enjoyable things like games afternoons, competitions, golf days and social events.