Welcome to De Hoop Primary School

Our aim is to have a school where each one of us can develop our full potential in academics, sport and culture within a suburban environment. Yes, whether you are young or old, big or small - there is fun for everyone here, and one thing is certain: De Hoop has a place in its heart FOR YOU!! More than just school....


Useful Information for Term 1 of 2019:

Date List: Term 1
Senior Extra-mural timetable: Term 1
Junior Extra-mural timetable: Term 1

School Hours:

Our school day starts at 07:45,
but the closing times are as follows:

Grade 1 and 2:
Monday to Thursday at 13:20 and Friday at 12:30

Grade 3:
Monday to Wednesday at 14:20,
Thursdays at 13:20 and Friday at 12:30;
(Monday to Wednesday same time as SP and Thursday and Friday same time as FP)

Grade 4-7:
Monday to Thursday at 14:20 and Friday at 13:30..


De Hooper Link
Report from the Governing Body 2018

Sport report 2018

Art & Culture
De Hoop's Got Talent 2019

Develop a passion for learning.
If you do, you will never cease to grow.
(Anthony J. D'Angelo)

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