The school will close at 13:00 for everyone. (Gr 1 to 3 will to close at 12:30 on Fridays.)

Welcome to De Hoop Primary School

Our aim is to have a school where each one of us can develop our full potential in academics, sport and culture within a suburban environment. Yes, whether you are young or old, big or small - there is fun for everyone here, and one thing is certain: De Hoop has a place in its heart FOR YOU!! More than just school....


Useful Information for 2017/2018:
2017 Calender
Stationery Requirements for 2018
School fees for 2018
New Applications for 2018
Holiday Program at our Aftercare for 2017/2018

Useful Information for Term 4:
Extramural timetable for 4th Term
4th Term Calendar
Formal Assessment time table and procedures for the 4th Term

School Hours:

As from Monday 20 November until the end of the term,
the school will close at 13:00 for everyone.
Gr 1, 2 and 3 will continue to close at 12:30 on Fridays.
Our school day starts at 07:45, but the closing times are as follows:

Grade 1 and 2:
Monday to Thursday at 13:20 and Friday at 12:30

Grade 3:
Monday to Wednesday at 14:20,
Thursdays at 13:20 and Friday at 12:30;
(Monday to Wednesday same time as SP and Thursday and Friday same time as FP)

Grade 4-7:
Monday to Thursday at 14:20 and Friday at 13:30..


Senior Choir
There will be no choir practices before school as from Monday 20 November.

We would like to wish all our learners (especially our Gr 7’s) the very best of luck for the forthcoming exam.
And to the moms ….. chin up and keep smiling!

Clothing shop times
As from Monday 20 November, until the end of the year, the clothing shop will be open from 12:30 - 13:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and from 17:00 - 17:30 on Thursdays as usual.

Learners leaving the school
We urgently appeal to parents to please advise us, in writing, if your child is leaving the school at the end of this year. The waiting list for admissions is quite lengthy. Thank you to those who have already sent us this information. This does NOT apply to Gr 7 learners.


Sport Report: 2017 - 2nd Quarter
Sport Report: 2017 - 3rd Quarter

Art & Culture
Stellenbosch Eisteddfod Results (2017)
Helderberg Eisteddfod Results (2017)
Unisa Exam Results (2017)
Trinity College Results (2017)


20 - 27 November: Exams: Grade 4 - 7

Coming Soon
28 November: SPUR evening
28 November: Blood Donations
4 December: Thanksgiving Service
6 December: School Closes

DHOK bied aan ....
You are invited to a PARENT MEETING with Brad Huddleston, author of "The Dark Side of Technology" and "Digital Cocaine -A journey toward iBalance". Tuesday 5 December 2017 @ 19:00 in the school hall.

DHok View
Lees meer hieroor...

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